Safe and fast are the keywords of Mali Air. We always bring our customers to their goal in a timely manner and we are happy to meet the individual needs. The advantages are the high flexibility of Mali Air through short lead times, fast uncomplicated handling and over 20 years experience in business aviation. By ton time  departures  and the direct approach of each desired destination you gain valuable time and increase your productivity. Do not loose hours and days unproductively with unfavorable flight plans, long check-in times and waiting during security checks. Travel relaxed with much higher work and travel quality.


Termination right to the goal. Whether spare parts, components or dangerous goods Mali Air brings your air freight to your destination. Since 1997 we have  ensured the highest level of customer satisfaction in this segment.

Another application area of the Mali Air fleet are organ transports. The needs of these transports are in terms of reliability, speed and a high degree of flexibility.


In the summer of 2017 another branch of  Mali Air was founded. Pilot training can take place in the own Mali Air ATO (Approved Training Organization). Interested pilots and those who still wants to be are able to take Typerating courses on the Eclipse 500/550. Similarly license extensions can also be done with approved flight instructors and examiners. All 3 aircraft of the company are available for these trainings.